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Bovine patients require special veterinarians who are dedicated to them. Our veterinarians know and understand all about dairy and meat cows. Since they know their patients and what is needed, they are able to treat them accordingly. They understand the medications that can be given and when. They truly understand how each cow is important to their owners and their farm.

Herd Health

We can also assist with herd management. We will work with you to keep your whole herd healthy, especially with the younger calves. We know what diseases are popular in our area and we are dedicated to keeping your herd free from them.

It is our goal to keep up with the latest in veterinary medicine and surgery. Our dedicated surgeons are here to help you, no matter what you need. If your beef cattle needs to have surgery, we are here for you! We are proud to perform simple surgeries such as castrations, along with more complicated procedures.

  • Herd Health & Vaccine Consultation
  • Federal Regulatory Testing and Health Certificates
  • Dehorning/Castration
  • Equipment and Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Brucellosis/Bangs Vaccination
  • Lameness Treatment
  • Necropsy

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Reproductive Evaluation

Here at Foothills Veterinary Services, we are proud to offer a variety of services for your large animals, including cattle, horses, goats, pigs, and sheep. Our staff is highly trained and ready to deliver top-quality veterinary care to your animals, offering wellness visits for vaccinations, emergency visits, lameness examinations, castrations, pregnancy checks, and more!

  • Bull Breeding Soundness Exams (Fertility Testing)
  • Frozen Semen Evaluation
  • Reproductive Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Testing

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Surgery and Medicine

We are proud to offer surgical services for your swine including show pigs, herds, and miniature pigs. This includes running diagnostic testing, prescribing medications, and performing surgery as needed.

  • Dystocia/C-Sections
  • Neonatal & Scouring Calf Care
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Teaser (Gomer) Surgery

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